Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Decorations- Part 5

First off...did you see the Google homepage today? Pretty sweet looking huh?

But let's put Halloween behind us and move on to CHRISTMAS!!!
Today we'll look at crocheting Christmas gifts for your loved ones.
"Little is known of the early history of crocheting. Some ancient cords are thought to have been made by finger crocheting. During the Renaissance, both peasant women and ladies of the court executed crochet work and also knotted work using several strands of thread (macrame), often producing lacelike fabrics. Much early crochet was made with fine, thin thread, producing imitations of European lace; one example is Irish lace, a variety of "crochet lace" introduced into Ireland about 1820 but also made throughout Europe, particularly in the Balkan states. Much modern crochet is executed with soft yarns and used to make garments and bedcoverings. Although crochet can be made by machine, it has traditionally been, and continues to be, a home handcraft."

Let the crafting begin! If you see something you like, click on it and you'll be brought directly to the directions...ha ha I crack myself up...directly...directions?...ok let's just crochet....

We'll start out with some things that would be appreciated by the grown ups on your list.

Now let's learn how to make some animals for the kids on your Christmas list. 

Wow, I've been working on this post for over and hour! I want to keep going but I really need a break. If you would like, I can continue this post another day since there are endless possibilities when you have a crocheting hook in your hand. 
I hope you have a great Tuesday, and I'll get back to another Christmas themed craft post tomorrow!

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