Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations- Part 1

I know I'm starting early, but Christmas is my second favorite holiday (second to Easter). I'm just bursting with excitement and joy; my blog has to reflect that. 
So, let's start!

Today we'll look at the Christmas stocking. There are plenty of stories out there explaining the origin of the popular Christmas decoration. Here is just one of them. 

"The tradition of the Christmas stockings began by a story told since ancient time about a kind noble man who had three daughters. The wife of the nobleman expired and the daughters and their father were left in a state of sorrow. The daughters had to do all the work in the house. When the daughters became young and eligible for marriage, the poor father could not afford to give the huge dowries to their husbands.
One evening the daughters, after washing their stockings hung them near the fire place to be dried. Santa Claus being moved by the plight of the daughters came in and put in three bags of gold one in each of the stocking hanging by the chimney. The next morning the family noticed the gold bags and the nobleman had enough for his daughter’s marriage. The daughters got married and they lived happily ever after. Since then children have been hanging Christmas stockings."

Check out these sweet Christmas stocking that you can make yourself. 

Each stocking should be unique and reflect the personality of the owner. It's fun to get everybody together ,before decking out the house with garland and lights, and make stockings together. I think that making crafts together can give families that valuable time back that sports, careers, and cell phones have taken away. It's great and all to be well rounded and be active in so many things, but never forget that your one on one relationships are what really matter. They are what count the most in the end. 

Wana make this cutey?
Great! Let's get started!
With a large crafts needle and contrasting color yarn, sew a running stitch to join the two mitten shapes together, leaving an opening at the wrist. For a decorative band, glue felt strips along the open edge. For a hanging loop, cut a felt strip; stitch to one edge of the opening.

Have a happy Monday and get creative with your holiday decorations!

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