Monday, November 22, 2010

Gaaaah! Science Test Today!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted any new Christmas Decorations ideas in a few days but I've been terribly busy studying for my Science test.
Science has never been my best subject and I currently have a C- in the class. I HAD to do well on this test if I was gonna pass so I've been doing nothing but studying since Friday. Even while I've been eathing I'm thinking "ok...digestive system...what is going on in my body right now...where is the food going...what's happening to it...what chemical reactions are taking place..." and so on and so forth.
I took the test this morning and I don't think I'll find out how I did until after Thanksgiving Break
(I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!).

Anyway, after registering for classes for the spring semester, I hope to have a holiday post with a snowman theme!

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