Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Button Christmas Tree Tutorial!

Hello Readers!
I am proud to say that this tutorial is all my own, so I hope you enjoy it! I joined an ornament swap and we need to send out our ornaments by Dec. 3rd so needless to say...I had to get crackling (as Mom says)! 
This is what the final product looks like...


To make your own you'll need...

1. Buttons (green, brown, and a star button)
2. glue
3. ribbon
4. needle and thread

First, you'll wanna line up your buttons like so...

Now the idea is to stack them with the biggest ones on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Use glue to keep the buttons in place, and it's ok if it spills out of the edge because most glue dries clear anyway.

Go ahead and sandwich those buttons together!
You'll want to make 2 stacks of buttons. The brown buttons will be the stump of the tree and the green will be the body of the tree.

My glue kept making bubbles so I snapped a photo...

Notice the "stump" off in the background as I work on the green buttons. 
Working on both stacks separately is much easier than trying to glue all the buttons together at once.If you've ever played Janga then you know what could possibly happen...

Keep on stacking those buttons biggest to smallest!

Keep the last green button and set it aside...

Now you should have something that looks like this, a brown stack and a green stack. 
You'll wanna put them aside to dry. Let's work on the ribbon!

Get out your ribbon, thread your needle, and grab your star and last green button...

You'll want to sew together the two ends of the ribbon to form a ring. Then sew on your button where the ribbon meets. 
This can be slightly tricky because the button should be on the inside of the ring. (you could always turn your ring inside out after sewing to have the button inside)

This is what we're going for...

Now pinch the ribbon right above the green button and sew in that spot your star. I'll show you some more pictures to show you what you'rs should look like.

Get the idea?

Now that you have your little ribbon and button ready, you can stack your brown button stump and your green button tree together (with glue of course). The glue should have dried a little while you were sewing. Leave your tree to dry overnight.

Your tree should now look like this.
The last step if to glue on your star.
Let dry and admire your work!

I was soooo happy with how it turned out.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

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