Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If it was as easy as taking a picture and...

Editing it....
Would I change what I look like?

Would YOU change what you look like?
We live in a world where looks are just about everything. Of course I understand the importance of a first impression, but why do I value what people think of me so much?
Isn't it enough that I'm creative, funny, adventurous, silly, smart (to a degree), and have so much love to give? Why do I feel like I have to make people like my outside before they'll even take the time to see my inside?

If I could the way I looked in an instant...would that change who I am inside? As much as I want the inside to shine brighter than my outside, I ask myself; does my appearance affect my character? Does it affect who I am?

I think it does. If I think that I look great, then I'll act more confident. If I know I look terrible, then I tend to stare at the ground as I walk and mumble around. So yes, my outside does affect my inside.
So if I could magically change all my "flaws", would that change me?

I would like to think that erasing all my flaws and drawing in new physical attributes in their place would make me reach every goal I've ever dreamed. I would imagine becoming the girl I've always wanted to be... But then again...
Would I become proud and walk past my dear friends because I can do better? Would I lose everything I've gained going through the experience of being mocked for my looks in school? Would all those quirks that Mike falls for still be there?

I don't think so. If I'm going to change, I want it to be a very long and gradual change. I want to grow with my changes. If they would happen all at once, I feel as though I would lose who I am. I would be this other pretty girl, but the rest of me would be gone. I would feel empty.
All those flaws and quirks are characteristics that my friends and family know and love me by.

So no...I will not entertain the idea any longer. As I grow as a person on the inside, so will my outside change accordingly. (Perhaps not as I would like best, but maybe its the best for me.)
I will love the way I look, just like my boyfriend, friends, and family do now.


  1. Sorry if this was slightly dramatic for your personal taste.
    I've just been thinking about all this and maybe somebody else has to. Maybe I was able to help them in a small way.
    And you might be like..."what's up with the hair?"...we'll I've always wanted red hair so that explains the ?? in your head!

  2. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. As a young woman I was not pretty, but I was "cute". I was never satisfied with my looks and let them affect my self esteem. Now that I am older, married with grown kids and looking into the mirror to see a woman beyond her prime, I would gladly, joyfully take the "cute" I used to be! One thing I did discover along the way was that my looks couldn't find me love, only my heart could do that...


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