Monday, December 6, 2010

Guess Who's Got A Birthday Comming Up?!


I will be turning 21 on the 8th of December (this Wednesday!!!!!!!)
I'm super excited!
It's so happens that Jenni (bff) and I are exactly 1 year and a day apart (I'm older) so we'll celebrating out birthdays together this year.
Hopefully it will include friends, yummy food and a movie.
I just finished making her birthday present last night and I won't post pictures until after she gets it (in case Jenni has the uncontrolled desire to read my blog).I'm very happy with my work...
I'm also making our cake (which will have a surprise inside as well). But you'll all just have to wait and see what I have up my sleeve like everyone else!

Cupcakes All Around!

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