Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decorations- Part 13?

Pretty sure this is my 13th post in the series, then again I could have lost count...
(check out my November posts for more Christmas decorations tutorials)

"The decorating of various structures and trees has been recorded in Europe from the 17th century on, but the first written account of a "Christmas tree" did not appear until 1605. According to John Matthew's The Winter Solstice, an anonymous German citizen that year recorded trees being decorated with "roses cut out of many colored paper, apples, wafers, gold-foil, [and] sweets". What about chaser lights and oodles of wrapped gifts? It was more than 100 years later when Professor Karl Gottfried Kissling of the University of Wittenburg wrote of people adding candles for decorations and placing children's wrapped branches around the bottom of the small indoor trees.
Of course, the early trees were decorated differently than today's evergreens. Early ornaments were usually hand-crafted or edible. Nuts, candies, fruits, and pieces of colored paper were the most common. The average modern tree is decorated with a combination of store-bought ornaments and family memorabilia with several strings of lights strewn over the branches instead of candles, but no matter how the tree is decorated it still symbolizes a timeless Christmas tradition of families gathered together exchanging presents and love."

Since I've already done a post on Christmas tree ornaments (here), let's get inspired for the Christmas tree topper! 
I'm not feeling well today (mono) so I can't spend too much time out of bed; this is why I'm just posting pictures to inspire you and not taking the time to get all the links and tutorials down.  Sorry guys!

I must say that this yellow crocheted star is my favorite of all these toppers (I do really like the clock and owl done too). But this one takes the cake!

Hope you found something that you liked!
(and if you don't have your Christmas tree up by now then shame on you!)

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