Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrapping Presents!

It's almost Christmas! Are all of your gifts wrapped and under the tree? No!?
Thats OK cause I've rounded up a bunch of tutorials, videos, and ideas on how to make your gift just as special on the outside as it is on the inside. 

First Up is the paper....

You don't need to use traditional wrapping paper if you don't want to. Here are a few ways to get creative!

I also found a video series with step by step instructions on gift wrapping with newspaper. Go ahead and click on the tapes to watch.

Now...What about the bows? Or maybe you just wanna go with a creative topper for your gift... 

I also found a few videos on how to make a bow to top off your gift. Check them out!

(this is mine!)

Don't forget that you don't neeeeed to tie up your gift with ribbon! You can also use yarn, twine, thread, or whatever else you feel like!

One year, I wrapped all my gifts like this...

I once collected stamps (not that what I have is ever going to be worth anything) so I wrapped all my gifts in brown paper. Then I made up fake addresses with the recipients name on it. After gluing on the old stamps I used a pen and markers to make the stamps and symbols that the post office makes when you mail a letter or package. I also wrapped some of the boxes with twine and yarn. 
Needless to say...they looked awesome!

Hopefully this post has inspired and helped you out a little bit. If you need a little more I made another video about the gifts that I've wrapped so far. You can see that here. (and if you really need help on the basics of gift wrapping check out this video here

I'll leave you with this cute picture I found while browsing the internet for gift wrapping ideas....

(Mike this is for you)

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  1. Thanks for including some of my gift-wrap ideas in your round-up... there's so many cute projects out there, no parcel need ever be dull! :)


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