Sunday, May 6, 2012

Graduation: Thank you

Well Miss Yellow Shoes Readers...I made it!

After all the late nights, endless papers, scantrons, and mechanical pencils...I got my degree.
Graduation was awesome. I was terribly nervous at practice. I had this fear that I would trip or stand up at the wrong time. 

I have to take some space in this post to give thanks. First, I must give thanks to my God. No way could I have made it through all four years without him. He was my rock, my support, and my help. I saw him bring in money for my school bill where there was no money. I saw him pull me through sickness and stress and still come out with an A. I didn't graduate by my own merit or strength. I owe it all to my God.

Second, I need to thank my parents. They've always been there for me and always supported me in my interests. I can't say how many times Mom listened to me as I cried on the phone just stressed out with school or random "drama". My family sacrificed financially to put me through school. I worked summer jobs as a teenager, but they carried the heaviest load of the bill. Without their love and support, I wouldn't have walked across that platform. 

Lastly, I have to thank Mike. Poor guy had to read every single one of my papers and articles I ever turned in. He was always there to help me with my school work even when his schedule was packed. He was always willing to drive over to campus to help me study of just chill over coffee. He pushed me when I was ready to give up. He helped pay for my random projects. He has seen me at my lowest and love me through it all. Without him, I would have packed up my bags and gone home a long, long time ago.

I am so happy to be finished. Yeah I'm scared to start this next chapter...but I'm ready to roll!!!

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  1. I am very happy for you! Please enjoy your life and make the most of your future!


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