Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding DIY: Mason Jars

Hello readers,

So the wedding will be here before I know it so I've been working on some diy decorations the past couple of days. I've been brainstorming up some ideas and would just LOVE to share them with you. I've made some garland out of paper doilies, a giant yellow flower from tissue paper, and these super cute mason jars.

All I really did was wrap the jars with some vintage lace that I got from the thrift store, and then tie around a little bit of twine. I used one little sliver of scotch tape to keep the lace in place while tying on the twine. The tape is practically invisible and the twine really adds that country feel.

This project is super simple, super cute, and super quick. I can't tell you how fantastic that is for me. I don't know how many jars I have to do this do...maybe a bagillion (one of my favorite words). 

I have a nice variety of mason jars to decorate. I might use burlap for the taller mason jars and wrap them in baker's twine. The jars will be part of the reception centerpieces (in case you were wondering). I'll be arranging daisies or maybe even baby's breath in the jars. I want each table to have a small collection of jars with random heights to create and interesting center.

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  1. They're so pretty! What a neat idea. :)

  2. Just found your blog! SO excited to be following! Stop over and follow me too if you like and I really love the mason jars, very cute!

  3. aww, this is such a super cute idea!! i love them :) x


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