Friday, May 18, 2012

Allergra Brooke Photography and Vida Doce

Good Morning Readers,

Today I wanted to show off my family and prove to you that creativity runs in our blood. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, my little cousin...Allegra!

She's gorgeous right? She's also our little photographer. She has a great eye for lighting and angles and all that other stuff that I don't understand about taking great shots. Allie took some of Mike and my engagement pictures and let me tell you that they were a HUGE hit as Christmas gifts. Here are just a few of the other awesome shots that she's captured for you to gawk at. 

That what just a sliver of Allie's photography work. If I've made you hungry for more, then please check out her blog here at Become a follower and sign up on her e-mail list to be one of the first to see her happy shots.

So not only does my cousin have a natural talent behind her camera...she, her mom and sister have a happy little esty shop you've just got to check out. It's called Vida Doce and you can find it here.
Unless I'm mistaken, Vida Doce means enjoy the sweet life
Allie, Aubrey, and my Aunt Becky make beautiful jewelery for you to wear! Inspired by rustic, classic, and vintage flavors, Vida Doce carries unique/handmade accessories that will add a little touch of "special" to any outfit. 

I actually got one of these for Christmas this year. I LOVE it and wore it all the time at school. Get one for yourself here!

I also have a pair of these. They come in a couple of colors and won't fall out of your hair during the day. I really really love my bows and super excited that I was one of the first to get a pair. Get your own zipper bows here!

Well, this post has gotten pretty long so I'll stop here. I hope you've enjoyed being introduced to some of my creative family members. Share the love and head on over to Allie's photography blog and check out Vida Doce on Esty.


  1. Oh my goodness I am loving that little dragonfly ring. It is so cute!


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