Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY: No Yarn Required Granny Square Art

So I know you're all thinking "How is she going to make a granny square without any yarn???"
Well, dear readers...I'm going to use paint chips. Lot's of people have been super creative with paint chips. I've seen everything on Pintrest from teaching tools to home decorations. 
I'm really surprised that no one thought of making a granny square out of paint chips before. I looked online for a tutorial and couldn't find out. Guess I'm the first!

So here's what you're gonna need...

Paint Chips
Pencil (unless you can eyeball it)
White Paper

So the instructions are pretty self explanatory. The hardest part is cutting out the mini squares that make up the actual granny square. 
Now you're thinking..."What am I gonna do with this gorgeous piece of handmade art!?!?!?!"

Well, you can

1. Made a collage
2.Frame them and decorate your wall
3. Use them as mini cards
4.Turn them into coasters
5.Turn them into magnets
6.You're creative too you know! Think of something!

Happy Crafting!

Check out this tutorial on Cut Out and Keep

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