Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding DIY: Thumbprint Guesbook

Good morning readers!

Have any of you seen those super creative thumbprint guest-books? You know, the ones where you "sign in" by stamping a colorful thumbprint onto a canvas? The prints end up creating a bundle of balloons attached to a house or a tree full of leaves.
Well so have I, and I wanted to make one for my wedding guests as well. I decided to go with a tree since that would fit into our wedding theme. The balloons are a super cute idea and I might try that one with my preschool classroom this year. 

Anyways, here's a little tutorial I've put together for you. This tree is just a mock-up and the real one will be much bigger.

You will need:

Projector (borrowed mine from church)
Canvas (got mine at the dollar store)
Sticky tack (or something to keep the canvas on the wall while you trace)
A sweet tutorial (oh look! here's one!)

1. Scour the internet a tree or other object you would like to trace.

2. Hook your computer up to your projector. Now shrink or zoom in on your picture to make it fit the canvas. Remember to try the image on the canvas vertically, or horizontally. I went horizontal with mine to made a wider image.

3. Use sticky tack, or some other temporary adhesive to attach your canvas to the wall.

*This is what my canvas looked like with the image projected onto it.

4. Now trace your image with pencil. Remember that you can edit your image to remove branches or add branches.

5. Once you're finished tracing, shut off your projector and double check your work. It would really stink if you took down your work only to see a huge chunk that you forgot to trace.

6.Lastly, fill in your traced image with paint. I just used a sharpie on mine because it was just a mock-up of the real thing.


Now you've just made yourself a super sweet, totally "done-it-myself" guest book.
Way to go you crafty bride you! 

Try to resist the urge to fill the canvas with your own thumbprints. I filled mine just to see if my canvas would be big enough for 200 thumbs. I also wanted to show you what it would look like filled with thumbprints. 
I was able to fit a little over 200 thumbprints on my canvas. The total cost for this project was $2.30!!!

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