Monday, April 18, 2011

Places I want to visit: France

On my list of places to visit, France is in the top five.
I want to walk down an old French street and smell freshly baked bread.
I want to eat  a real croissant in a real French bistro with my cafe au lait.
I want to get my picture taken by the "Tour Eiffel'!


Yeah, I wanna be in the girl in that picture.


Did you know...

- At one point in time, France made it illegal to sell faceless dolls?
- France is the most popular tourist destination in the world?
- The Phamtom of the Opera was written in France during the 18th century?
- France has earned the most Nobel prizes for excellent literature?
- France was second to America in using electricity?

Fun Fact- Gustave Eiffel not only built "Le Tour Eiffel", but also the Statue of Lady Liberty. He modeled her face to look like his mother.

Click the images to enlarge and print out your own Eiffel Tower!



So if anyone needs a French interpreter or tour guide...give me a call!
Have a Happy Monday


  1. I think Paris is great place to visit, I hope I can do that one day. Especially for going to the Musée du Louvre. But I could never live in Paris. People from there told me how rude the Parisian were, and how dirty the streets, and I won't talk about the politics...Did you know it is called "La ville lumière" because they were the first to use a lightning system in the streets (19th century)? ;-)

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