Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chop Chop?

As I've shared before, my hair is at that awkward stage where I can't really do anything with it. 
It's like a battle that I can't really win. 
I want my hair long so I can braid it and have it hanging lazily over my shoulder; but some mornings I just feel like giving in and chopping the whole thing off. 
Yes Mike, I can hear you screaming "no!"

Lately I've just been either letting it hang there and hope for a good hair day or throwing it up in a mess on top of my head. 
Out of sight out of mind right?

I keep picturing myself walking down the isle towards Mike with my white gown, flowers, and loose curls.
In the end, I know all the frustration will be worth it.



  1. Hang in there!! You will regret it if you cut it. If you start keeping it in a braid regularly, you will find that it got long really fast...I think the braid protects from wear and tear. I kept my hair in a braid every day while I live in Costa Rica, due to the strong winds making a tangled mess out of my fine hair. With no mirror, I had no idea how long it was until one day I realized while I was washing it I realized that the ends were at my hips! Wow...

  2. Don't cut it!!! haha I always go through the same thing. I cut my hair.. then within a week, want it super long. I'm determined to grow it out.. but once it gets to that annoying length.. I want to cut it again. I am almost past that length right now.. and it is taking every bit of self control to keep going. :) I'm sure you will be happy you left it when you get your wedding pictures back! :)


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