Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you watch?


Where you up in the early hours of the morning watching the wedding of the century? 
Did you ooooh and aaawww at the gorgeous dress?


No, I didn't wake up at 3am to see the royal wedding unfold. But I did wake up in time to see Kate step out of the car. 
She looked gorgeous didn't she?
She kept it simple and so elegant. The lace covering her arms was gorgeous and the veil was perfect.
I also loved how she carried herself. Princess Diana seemed extremely nervous at her wedding and didn't smile as much as Kate did at hers. Kate seemed very happy and relaxed; and that's how every bride should be on her special day.





Sigh, I could stare at wedding pictures all day.
They make me long for the day Mike and I will be celebrating out wedding.
Will Kate's dress inspire me? Maybe a little. Her dress has some of the same characteristics that my mother's had.
Anyway, I have a busy busy day ahead of me. 
A busy busy week more like it...but do come by tomorrow for a special announcement concerning Mike and I.

Until then...

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  1. Maybe Lady Di was nervous on her wedding day because she was 20 and Charles 32...Kate is 29 and Prince William 28. And Lady Di wasn't so familiar with her future husband...

  2. That is very true.
    I've studied Princess Diana's life and it is quite sad.


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