Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY Glitter Vase

I went to the mall the other day and fell in love with a gorgeous vase.
It would have been perfect for a small kitchen table but the price tag made me walk away empty handed. 
I could still picture the pretty, glittery vase in my mind while driving home. Then it hit me. 
"Hey, I bet I could make my own!"
So off to the dollar I drove.

Vase = 2 dollars
Glue = 1 dollar
Self Adhesive Gems = 1 dollar
Glitter Packet = 1 dollar
Total = 5 dollars

First, I washed the vase and inserted my hand inside so I could have complete control.

Then I swirled glue around the vase sparingly since I knew I would be doing several layers of glitter.

Then I sprinkled on my first color of glitter and let dry.
(You can do several colors or just one)

Then I swirled on more glue...

And sprinkled on my second color!

I continued this process of gluing, sprinkling, and drying until I was satisfied with my vase.

I let my vase sit for a few hours before decorating with these self adhesive gems. They are tiny enough to go unnoticed by big enough to catch the light and sparkle!

These pictures really don't do the vase justice. A camera can't really catch all the sparkle and beauty of this vase.

See my tutorial on "Cut Out and Keep"


  1. Wow! I love this! You are so creative! I love how it turned out!

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