Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys I'm so excited!

Next month I get to marry my best friend!!!!!

Please excuse me as I run around my room screaming like a freak....

Honestly, some of my friends thought I was a little crazy when I feel head over heels for Mike. But now everyone see's what I saw about 5 years ago.

Yeah we're total opposites at times, and our personalities don't match but it's basically a perfect fit. We balance each other out and he just makes me so terribly happy.
He makes me laugh and gives me that tingly little feeling in my stomach when he smiles. He's honest, loyal, and so selfless. 

It's crazy how many times out paths crossed in the past and we never really got the chance to even say "hello". We've always seemed to be that person the background somewhere catching each other's eye just for a second. 

Mike, I'm so lucky to have meet you and fallen in love with you. You're absolutely perfect for me and I know our friendship will grow every day we're together.

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