Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Books Centerpiece

I love old books.
I love walking to old bookshops and being overwhelmed with the smell of old books. 

Recently, a friend of mine gave me about 100 of her used books. I was thrilled!
Not only could I get some good reads out of the pile but also had pages and pages to use for crafts!

So I made this vintage/antique store centerpiece a few Sundays ago. The bunny and doilies are my mothers so I'll have to buy some of my own once I move out. The mason jar is from my collection of wedding centerpieces.

I tore the cover off of two of the books and gave them an older/antique look by staining the pages with coffee. I bent the binding a little and scrapped away at some of the pages with a pair of scissors. I was really rough with the poor things and even set them outside, sitting wide open, to dry in the sun.

I really love how old the books looked when I was done abusing them. I tied the little one with twine and added a paper doily just because I have so many sitting around.

What do you think I should make with the other books I have laying around?

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  1. Very lovely! I like how they make heart garlands from old pages of books. I don't have the exact link but google it. Very cute.


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