Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Nightmares

Good Monday to you,

I've thought about writing this post for quite a while now, and finally got my fingers typing. 
I'm not sure if every bride goes through this during the months of wedding planning, but I've been having wedding nightmares. They started off once every two weeks or so, but now I get them every night.

I've never dreamed my wedding without some sort of disaster. I'm not talking "Oh the flowers aren't just right", I'm talking "Where's the groom?" "You can't fit in your wedding dress, just wear this black one." or even "Grandpa just had a heart attack before you walked down the aisle." 

Yes, I've had so many horrible dreams about my dress. Most of the time I'm too fat to fit and end up getting married in my blue jeans or even a black dress. Sometimes something even gets spilled on it the second before I walk. 

Sometimes my dress fits fine, but my hair has suddenly all fallen out! Once, I even had my hair up in a pony tail and the elastic broke. I asked for help from my Mom to fix my hair and she said "Oh no, you're fine" and I had to walk with that ugly bump you get in your hair after wearing a pony tail all day.

Other times I dream about makeup going wrong. My hands suddenly lose all coordination and I smear powder, lipstick, and mascara ALL over my face. Of course everyone else is too busy talking to hear me ask for help and I always end up in a panic sitting in front of the mirror. 

Sometimes my nightmares give me the false sense of security.
I get ready, my dress fits, my hair looks great, I even make it down the aisle without anyone in the church having a heart attack. Then I see the back of Mike's head and think to myself "That's not quite right", and he turns around.

It's not Mike!

Other nightmares have me driving around frantically trying to buy flowers, finish making the favors, and find the church all at once. Of course all this happens on the day of the wedding, hours from the "I do's". Talk about high stress levels...

The majority of these nightmares leave me feeling tottally overwhelmed. 
The decorations aren't finished, the food still has to be cooked, and the guests have not where to sit because the chairs haven't been set up yet. 
I almost always find myself frantically running around trying desperately to finish everything while all of my friends and family stand around and watch me. 
I never get any help from anyone in my dream and I wake up freaking out thinking its the day after.

All I can do is take a deep breath, tell myself it was all in my head, and I've still got time to get everything ready. It's not the morning of the wedding, there's no need to panic.....yet....


  1. During my brother-in-laws/sister-i-laws wedding the best man didn't check his tux when he picked it up, so 1/2 hour before the wedding he takes the suit out of the wrapper to discover that the tux was great, but the shirt was made for a 4 year old... One of the guests had a tee shirt in the car so he gave the best man his dress shirt which was white but didn't have pin tucks, which was no biggie. The real problem was that the best man was a very large man in circumference and the borrowed shirt wouldn't button, so they cut the back of the shirt away, leaving the front and the sleeves and the buttoned the front. No but the groom and the guest knew until the story circulated after the wedding, but the best man had to keep his jacket on for the rest of the events. It will all work out and even if something does go wrong you will be getting the best part of the whole deal... a new life with the man you love <3

  2. Oh chicka, you've got to take a deep breath. I promise everything will get done, and the few things that don't, really don't matter. We planned my wedding long distance, and a month before the wedding, we still had 3 pages single spaced of things left to do. I was frantic, but in the end, it turned out beautifully. Sure, a couple of things weren't exactly as I planned, but in retrospect, it doesn't matter. As long as you're marrying the man you love and celebrating with the people you love, it will be a perfect day.

  3. I'm getting married in 7 days, and i have nightmares all the time, just like you described! My most recent is that i get to the place and my dress is missing. So my aunt lets me wear the pink prom dress she for some weird reason has in her car.


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