Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monkey Pizza Bread

Good Sunday Morning Readers,

With Mom and Dad running around to hospital visits, I've had more then the opportunity to take over the family kitchen. I've been able to cook a few meals and thankfully they haven't ALL been disasters. Yesterday I tried making this Monkey Bread Pizza for my family. I originally found the idea online and Mike even made me some while I was still in school. 
So yesterday, I gave this creative pizza a shot.

I used bacon and cheese for inside tastiness, but I would love to try this again with other pizza toppings.
It's a great finger food and totally worth the prep time (almost 25 minutes). I can see myself making this for a movie night or party with friends.

I used lots of garlic and Italian seasoning in the melted butter and brushed it on each pizza ball for a great flavor in every bite. I also added garlic, Italian seasoning, and lots of parmigiana to the tomato dipping sauce. 
Soooo gooood!

The only thing I got wrong when making this meal was to remove the pan from the oven too soon. I suggest pulling off on of the balls and testing it before flipping the whole pan into a presentation plate.

Mine didn't turn out at gorgeous as the one on this blog did, but my family raved about this creative pizza.

Oh, what's that up there? 

Does it say "Freebie?" 

Oh! I guess it does...hmm...You should check back tomorrow to see what this printable freebie is.
Maybe it's something vintage? Maybe it's super cute! Maybe It's awesome!

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