Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's Back!

Hello dear readers.
First off, thanks for sticking by me while I needed a little break. It's so encouraging to see that the number of followers didn't diminish while I was away. You're all awesome!
I am feeling better and ready to get back on schedule.

1. I've been working out regularly and eating healthy foods every day
2. I'm now working part time so I can...
3. Take my online course so I can finish my degree before I get married (yay!)
4. Planning my wedding
5. Crocheting all sorts of goodies! (click here)

Today, I got to go to three museums (pictures coming soon) in Montreal and eat at a Mexican restaurant. It was my first meal out in a while and my beef quesadilla was mouth watering good.

I picked up a couple of things from the museums boutique...

These measuring spoons will go perfectly with the measuring cups I got last month!

Sorry, but I can't tell you what's in this box. It's a little present I picked up for my fiancĂ©e.
I love you Mike!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!
I absolutely love this day because I get to see everyone walk around wearing my favorite color.
Did you wear green today?????

Did you know...

Every year the Chicago river is dyed green on St.Patty's Day?
The fountain, in front of the white house, flows green water on St.Patrick's Day?
Originally, everyone wore blue on March 17th?
The shamrock was originally worn on St. Patrick's day so represent the Holy Trinity?
One of the longest running St.Patrick Day parade's runs in Montreal? (hey! that's where I live)
St.Patric wasn't Irish...he was born in Britain to Roman parents?
More Irish people live in America than in Ireland?

I tried desperately to follow the instructions in this book and make a shamrock...but alas! I gave up and made my own pattern!

I guess that's all for now. Since I spent the whole day in Montreal, I still have a class to get through before bed.

Once Again, thank you for sticking by me and being the best blog readers eva!
Till Tomorrow...

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