Sunday, March 27, 2011

When I need to relax...

When I really really need to relax, you know where I go?
I don't go to get my car keys.
I don't go to the mall or thrift store.
I don't go to the couch with my crochet hooks.
I don't go surfing the internet. 

I go take a long shower.

It's just a place where I know I cannot be disturbed.
I can be alone by myself and stay as long as I need to.
It gives me time to think and a place wash away all the worries and problems (at least for a little while).

Where is your getaway?


  1. LOVE the shower curtain!!! I go to my 1920's porcelain deep bathtub and fill it to the brim with hot water and essential oils...

  2. I saw a shower curtain like that recently at Anthro OMG I love that one and the colors are so cool!


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