Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Self Improvement Plan: Written in 2011

If you remember my goals for this year post, I said I wanted to be healthier and lose a little weight before my wedding (yay). I haven't been toooo bad since that goal was made. I haven't been working out EVERY morning but I have been eating better. 
Anyway, as I was browsing around the internet looking at things from the past (1950s) I found a youtube video with a 10 point plan to follow for one week involving self improvement. Yes, diet and exercise are on the list but there is so much more. Things that we all should be working on every day...but a journey begins with a single step so will you take this weeks challenge with me? I know it's Wednesday but let's take these 10 points and work on them until next Wednesday. Let's see what we can do!

Take it away Jack!

And for your happiness... I've made the 10 point plan ready for you to print out and stick to your mirror!

Just right click and "save image".

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