Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Sleep,

Dear Sleep,

I miss you. I remember back when I was younger and I thought you were the worst thing in the world cause you wouldn't let me play. I remember how I would pretend I was with you and then sneak away to play with my war toy buddies.
Sleep, I have matured though! I no longer hang with the wild crowd of my toys anymore. I have joined a new crowd. This one guy, His name is themes. He scares me because all he does is talk, and talk,and talk....AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HIM!!!! But people still think he is rather intelligent. Oh and get this, There is this girl whose name is English, we call her 102 for short, and all she wants is me writing about random stuff just so that she can show me that I can never meet up to her standards.
Sleep, I have been thinking about you a lot lately.While Im sitting in chapel, while im working, ESPECIALLY when im hanging with Themes and 102. Sleep, I just never realized just how much you mean to me. Your precious, I can never get enough of you. I get mad when Im taken away from you. Sleep, please come back to me. I promise I will cherish each moment we spend together and I'll even spend the afternoons with you! Sleep, please just come back to me and be mine.

CRAZY COLLEGE STUDENT!!!!!!! ( little brother)

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