Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's she up to anyway?

Good Morning Readers,

My Craft Month contributers have been a little scarse all of a sudden. Maybe I'll get a few of them to pull through for me in the end. Until then, how bout a little update on what's up in my world?

The past few weeks have found me driving back and forth from Canada to Vermont. Mom, Mike and I have been working super hard on getting our new home ready. We've been painting, and cleaning, and thrifting for some cool furniture. I honestly cannot wait to get some pictures up and show off all of our hard work.

I've got my dream yellow kitchen and working on making out living room that sweet log cabin Mike has always wanted.

There's isn't a better mom in the whole world than my mom. Poor girls has been driving for hours at a time, sitting in a hot car with no air conditioning, and staying up super late just to finish painting. I love her to death and just hope to be as great a mother as she is.

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