Monday, July 16, 2012

DIM: Do it myself wedding programs!

Good morning readers,

I wanted to show off the wedding programs I just finished assembling. I designed the front cover about a year ago. I drew two cartoon versions of Mike and I. One of us in casual clothing for our "Save the Date" postcards, and another with us dressed up in wedding attire for the programs.

The design and printing of this thing took many many hours and lots of elbo grease. You wouldn't know how hard it is to find a yellow that's not neon or "greenish" until you've printed a bagillion of these.

So you walk into the classic white church and the usher hands you this cute little handy dandy booklet with all the info you'll ever need to know for the next half hour!
Look how organized this little guy is. Awww!

As you flip through the pages and smile at the little old lady that just walked past your pew, you see this page called Fun Facts. "What's this?" you think. Well it's just a little page to keep you in the know and on top of any wedding trivia you may need to impress that cute guy sitting behind you.
You'll read all about the handmade goodness of this wedding and the little momentos that the bride is secretly carrying in her bouquet.

You eventually flip over to the last page and see this darling picture of the darling wedding couple and read their darling message to the darling guests and family. How darling!

Oh! What's this? They have also included their new home address at the bottom of the page! Too bad those two hearts are covering the address. I guess you can't stalk her now. Bummer.

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