Thursday, July 12, 2012

I said "no!"

Good Morning Readers!

The wedding date is approaching and the my to-do list just seems to be growing longer by the minute.
I didn't think it was right for me to leave the blog empty today so I decided to show you three of the wedding dresses I will NOT be wearing on the 21st.
I can't wait to show off the gorgeous gown currently residing in my closet, but go ahead and have a look at these "rejects".

Do keep in mind that these photo's are from last year and I have lost some weight since.
These first two were picked out by my Mom and Dad.
I chose not to buy either of these, because te first one seemed about 20 years outa date and the second one made me itch like I was wearing a sandpaper bag!

This last beauty was picked up by my grandmother. I love the woman to death, but sadly this dress never even made it to the dressing room.

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