Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Wedding Bands

Good Morning Readers,

Again, I appoligize for how short the posts have been recently. Wedding's take a lot of time and I can't wait for our honeymoon so I can catch my breath again!
I just wanted to zip by and show off our wedding bands. I just got mine on Thursday and was so nervous that it wouldn't fit. Luky for me the thing slipped right on and I left the store a happy bride to be!

The sapphire heart ring is my engagement ring. I <3 it like my fat dog <3 bacon from the breakfast table!
The wedding band is white gold, to match the sapphire ring, and has 4 diamonds that sparkle beautifully. Mike's ring is virtually indistructable and super heavy.

Only seven more days until we slip them onto each other's fingers!!!

P.S. Here's a picture taken seconds after I said "Yes!"


  1. I think by now, you and your hubby are wearing these rings, and the two of you can’t help but smile while looking at the symbol of your love and union. And the white gold setting definitely matches your equally beautiful engagement ring. The sapphire stone glistens with the white gold band. It looks simple yet very lovely.

  2. Will both of you decide on what design your wedding band will be? Well, I can see for your choices that you really have great taste in jewelry! And you made sure that it will match with your engagement ring. That’s good. Anyway, I love your profile picture, hugging your hubby from behind. So sweet! :’)

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