Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baaah! Finals

So, just wanted to write a little something something to let you all know that the blog entries are going to be kinda slim for the next 2 weeks. I've got one last week of classes with a million trillion pages, projects, and papers due. The week after that I have to tackle all those lovely finals.
To make things better, I kinda hurt my back yesterday at Springfest here at Northland so I'm a hunchback at the moment. (Mike offered to build me a bell sweet)
Mike has been taking really really good care of me though, getting me ice, water, pain killers, anything I need. He's been pretty much amazing.
Anyway, I must leave you all. I will make an effort to post something every now and then; it just won't be as interesting and long as normal.

Bye Bye!

Oh! But I wanted to post a picture or two before closing... hope they make you laugh and smile!

This picture (Sprinkles) pretty much captures who I am as a living person on this planet.

This really made me "laugh out loud" lol. Ha ha

Have a great Monday tomorrow!

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