Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poem By My Little Brother

There was a quaint little town,

Where everything was brown!

Everything you would see,

No matter what it be,

Had to be all brown,

In that quaint little town.

Everything was brown.

Every single cow,

Every single house

Even the tiny mouse.

As far as every brown eye could see

Everything was brown, even the red tree.

Little Jim, he was quite the fellow,

Cause his favorite color was bright yellow!

One day he walked through his town,

Remember it is the town where all is brown.

He said to himself “Why is it so dull?”

“I’d rather live underground…just like a mole”

How does one young man

Changes the town which is bland?

“Add more colors!” was his simply reply.

He started off by squishing beautiful butterflies.

“When you mix the butterflies together real tight,

After shaking them up, LOOK, they turn white!”

He ran and smushed his new color friends,

On a chicken whose white started a new trend.

Next, he grabbed a few frogs who were having some fun.

He tied them all together by their big, long tongues.

He tied those tongues to a long stick,

And spun and spun all the frogs till they got sick.

“Purple” was his cry when he collected the matter

Into the dress store he went with his new color to splatter.

On dresses and jeans, t-shirts or shoes,

To little Jim it wasn’t hard to choose.

Because everything that was in the town,

Had to be changed from that ugly brown.

No more bugs or amphibians were left to try.

“I wonder what happens when little girls cry”

He found a girl, sitting with her candy

He went up to her and said “You know that goes straight to your fanny”

“Success” he cried when the girl began to weep.

He grabbed a hanky to wipe all the tears which did leak.

“It’s a clear” he said as he unfolded the hanky.

Not to be defeated, he went up to a window feeling rather swanky.

He rubbed it on the glass and all of a sudden it became clear!

What a wonderful surprise! All because of some little girls tear.

After many more experiences with dogs, snails, corn, and hair;

He had new colors such as black, blue, green, and others, but he didn’t care.

He still hasn’t been able to make the bright yellow.

This sadden the poor little fellow.

“Yellow is the best color of them all!

Why can’t I get my favorite color at all?”

He tried everything, even tried mixing all of his creations.

But all that it would bring was major dissatisfaction.

Then he saw a bee buzzing all around.

“This has to be the answer to find my color in this town”

Remember now that everything was brown.

Yes, even a bumble bee had to be in that town.

He chased the bee and caught it.

Popped the stinger off and squeezed just a little bit,

And flowing out was his favorite color yellow!

Boy, did this make a jolly fellow.

He had nothing to hold the color that came out.

So he took the bee and rubbed it in the color will a mighty clout.

After dyeing everything left to dye yellow,

A swarm of bees saw the little fellow.

They knew the color which he had.

For it was from them. Now they were mad.

They swarmed around him and stung him many a time.

He ran away and left behind his yellow slime.

Tis a sad ending I do agree,

But there is a moral to this story.

If you tired and bored of the way things are.

Just wise up and get a car.

For you can always drive and find a new place,

Instead of changing everything to your tast

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