Friday, December 2, 2011

My Favorite Things

1. I love bundling up in my orange jacket and mittens and floppy hats.
You can never have too grand a collection of hats in my opinion.

2. I love how everyone get's rosy cheeks after walking around outside.
I used to apply extra blush to my cheeks and nose because I thought it looked so cute!

3. I love wearing my stockings and not being mocked for being cold all of the time.
I'm always over dressed, too many layers, but I'm also freezing most of the time.
So HA! I'll pull out my Anemia card any time the year.

4. I love drinking hot chai or green tea while walking to class.
I've strayed a way a little from hot-chocolate to save on calories and sugar...and this keeps me just as warm. 

5. I love looking at the Christmas lights and Christmas trees.
Ahh...I have a family tradition to tell you about that has to do with this.
Another post perhaps?

6. I love listening to old Christmas carols while I study.
Bin Crosby, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra are the bombdiggadies!  

7. I love wrapping paper...I really really do!
I stick it all over the place; my door, my wall, my dresser...

8. I love crocheting Christmas stars garland.
(video tutorial coming soon!)

9. I love the smell of ginger bread.
Never finished making a gingerbread house. Random fact about me.

10. I love cutting out paper snowflakes. 
Don't love the mess I have to clean up afterwards...but I do love the excitement right before unfolding my work.

(mini preview of the tutorial I will soon upload)

What are your favorite things in December? Please let me know in a comment below or link to your own "Favorites" post.
Have you seen the button Christmas tree tutorial I made last year?

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