Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Past

Well, I'm not too sure how your Christmas went. I hope that it was awesome...but mine didn't quite feel right.

Every year, we always go around the town checking out everyone's Christmas lights, and we always always wait until Christmas morning to open presents. Mom and Dad made breakfast, which includes the following...

1. scrambled eggs
2. bacon
3.hasbrowns with mystery veggies
4. pancakes
5. milk
7. buttered toast

Most of the food is cold by the time we sit down to eat because Mom and Dad have yet to master the cooking skill that makes everything done cooking at the same time. 

(long sentence that was)

It's okay that my eggs and toast are cold. Why you ask? Because it's Christmas!
We sit around in our Pj's and open our gifts one by one just to make things last longer. 

But this year, we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve while sitting around a table. No tree, no pj's, and no cold breakfast. The next day we all piled into car and made our way to my grandparents. I ate a boiled eggs for breakfast, had cold pizza for lunch, and a happy meal for dinner. 
It just wasn't the same. 

I'm sorry if this post makes you frown a little, but I felt like this blog should be an extension of  what I love and who I am...and right now...I'm not feeling so hot.

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  1. Awww I'm sorry to read that...but I least you got to have a family reunion with your grandma no? I know what it is when precious traditions changes...before, my Christmases were full of the laughter of a big family reunion...imagine 15 to 20 people not counting the kids in a tiny living room. Now it's just the four of us and everyone feeling tired..going to bed early...I don't wish a sad christmas to no one. But hey, next year you'll have a very first special Christmas including Mr and Mrs Girr :-) I'm sure it will be awesome!


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