Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mom's Christmas Tradition

Traditions are like little trinkets you carry in a basket. Some get passed down to you from generations and some we make up on our own (diy!!!!). We carefully pick and chose the one's we'll keep in our little basket and sometimes one or two falls out without us noticing. At times we don't even realize we've dropped it until years later. 
But the ones that are most precious, loved, and special aren't even carried in the basket, but carried in our pockets.

Sorry if that seemed a little "weird", "deep", "out there", or "whaaaaa?" but I just felt a sudden burst of inspiration!

Maybe it was juts a lack of sleep....

But anyways, one of my favorite family traditions was created by mother. She's love family more than anyone else on this planet. I'm sure about that. 
Every year around Christmas time, she has us all get into our jammies and we hop in the family car. We stop by Tim Hortons for hot-chocolate (coffee now that we're older) and drive around to look at Christmas lights.
We go down all the back roads, down town, and even into the country to see the little sparkles. 
Sometimes we put on Christmas music, and sometimes we just talk.
It's a special time for Mom and it's become special to me too. I want to add this tradition to my basket. I want to file my little ones into the car, buckle the car seats, and drive off with my hubby.
I want to have them sitting in the back saying "Look at that one Mommy!", or "Whoa!". I want to sing Christmas songs while we drive and then  I want to carry their sleepy selves back into the house. 
I can't wait to get married and start my own little family. I'm so lucky to have the greatest mom on the planet to look up to.

Do you have any unique family tradition for Christmas? Is there anything special about them that just warms your heart?
Please share and have a great Sunday. 

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  1. My parents used to do that too. One of my favorite Christmas traditions was "The Elf Game" You know those little Christmas elf decorations? My aunt has a ton of those and she used to hide ones around the house doing specific actions or dressed a certain way and we had a quiz where we had to find all of them. We eventually got to the point where my sister, my cousins, and I all wore elf shoes and elf hats while doing the quiz. We haven't done it for awhile but hopefully it will be revived someday.


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