Monday, December 26, 2011

Before they were cool...

Before Harry had Hedwig, and before all the rainbow owl merchandise hit Target, I was a fan. I fan of owls that is...
They were one of my favorite animals. I've always wanted to have strange pets such as camels, elephants, sheep or owls. I don't know why, cats or dogs were just too normal for me I guess.

Unless you shopped at a thrift shop, owls were pretty hard to find. They were something you would see on grandma's shelf, or in an old children's book. Now they're all over the place!
You can find them all over etsy, pintrest, shirts, bags, earrings and pillows!

I can't really decide what my feelings are to all this.
Yeah, it's cool to have a huge selection of owl goodies to pick from, and owl crafts are super easy to find now. (like this one for instance) But now my owl obsession is less special. 

They've turned into a fad and wearing an owl on your shirt isn't so unique any more.
Soon, people will get tired of the owl and move on to something else...making my favorite bird a "thing of the past" or "so yesterday". They'll go out of style and I'll have to figure something else out. 

For now, I'll just enjoy the swarm of owls flying around me.

Click here for a link to some owl bookmarks made by me a while back.

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