Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Bag

Hey everyone!
Hope your Saturday is going well. Mine was rather restful actually; I love sleeping in then going to brunch with Mike. We always get bagels and spread cream cheese and jelly on top. Mmmm! So yummy. Bagels are pretty awesome in my book.

I been feeling really crafty this week, but I've been experiencing a lot of failures.

First I tried making a shirt out of an old pajama dress, and that failed miserably.
Then I tried making a headband; not too sure my technique was right but I'll tackle that project again later.

I was inspired by a picture post on threadbanger a few weeks ago. (look at the bottom of this post) It was a picture of a girl who made a side-bag out of a t-shirt.
I really liked this idea and wanted to try it.
None of my own t-shirt felt like volunteering for this experiment; but my luck struck when I saw a 'free' box at the end of my dorm hall. Inside I found this pretty red and white long sleeved shirt.
Since I have no machine I had to sew by hand, but I'm really happy with how the bag turned out.
I would like to make some letters to add on the front...still brainstorming on what they'll spell out.

This is the photo that inspired me.

Sigh...homework calls my name, and I must answer.
Have a lovely Saturday.

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