Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Banana Bread (yum yum)

So I've been craving my Mom's banana bread, missing home, ready to be done with school....so in order to lift my spirits, I decided to bake some of my own!
I found a recipe from Betty Crocker and the bread pretty much turned out awesomely.
I cut the loaf in half so Mike could have some and the other half was devoured by friends who's noses lead them to my dorm room. That's okay though, I love sharing!

Anyway...here are the pictures of my loaf of happiness!

I love brown paper packages, no string though, just a sticker

Does it not look delicious

Nuts to make it extra special

Smelling my yummy yummy loaf, so happy

I think that my dorm room is going to have a baking party. There's three of us so I think we'll make Banana Bread, Apple Bread, and Chocolate Chip Bread! I'm so excited!

Write you later!

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