Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yay Peasant Skirts!

I love long peasant skirts. I love the flowiness when I walk. I love when the wind plays with it. I love sitting down and having the skirt fall all around me on the ground. I love running down stairs with a peasant skirt on and watch it kinda hover in the air. 
I also LOVE Goodwill. They have the best deals and stuff that you can't find anywhere else. I would much rather buy one unique piece of clothing rather than the one on sale that everybody else bought and wearing this week. 
Well, I got to visit Goodwill today, and found two lovely peasant skirt for 4 dollars each. Mike really likes the long, flowy skirts so I bought them and took them home with me! Here they are...

I don't know why this image is slightly broken; but anyway here is the first one. It has a sort of tropical, island theme print all over it. I love wearing lots of colors so this was perfect for me.

This is the second one that I found. Slightly more tame that the last; but I love it just as much.
The color is a army green (I'll be wearing it with a pink shirt and black vest tomorrow) which is awesome.
Again, I paid just 4 dollars for this little bargain.

I didn't buy this one today; I've had it for quite some time. But this is what I wear under my peasant skirts to add to the "poof poof". 

Now, let us look as the evolution of the peasant skirt...

The Original Peasant Skirt

Then we went on to making them a little more flattering to the body types and shapes of our day.

Now we have all these different kinds of colors and layers added on for style purposes.

I would love, Love, LOVE to have a skirt like this (perhaps in a different color).
This just goes to show that something simple and common, over time, can become original and loved by many.

Anyway, so that's what I did today, along with going to classes, tagging along with a friend to her doctors appointment, attending a concert, working, party, and homework...oh yeah...still haven't gotten to that last one yet...hmmmm

Perhaps I should tackle that last item on my list.


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