Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poem By My Brother

I really never knew he was so talented in this area...

The family sat in the cabin around the fire,

And they all shared about their day;

After there was no more to say;

For the night they did retire.

The night was like a sea of black.

As a great white ship the Moon sailed the black sea,

Followed by an armada of white stars; what a sight to see!

The armada sailed the sea with only the sky to attack.

The glory of this armada went fourth and shined

Shined its glory through the window of Abigail;

Abigail, when grown up, would be the desire of all male;

If it had not been for the glory to which she was bind

Lying in bed, Abigail dreamt of places far away;

When all of a sudden, came the glory of the night’s light;

Which woke her and called her to follow and take flight.

She opened her window and followed the stars gaze.

The stars led her in the forest through the snow.

She climbed on fallen trees.

She walked through rivers that came to her knees.

She still followed the stars and why, she did not know.

On and on the stars went,

Until they brought her to a great foothill.

She looked up the foothill that reached the sky and went on still.

She went up to reach the stars. She would not relent.

The stars waited and called her to climb.

She commenced to scale up the top of the peak,

Tearing at the earth, holding on to every tree, she would not be beat.

She wanted to follow the stars, she had to hurry she had no time.

Stars still calling little Abigail to come and follow.

With every ounce of strength she pulls herself to the top.

She gazed at the stars and reached, but could not reach the lot.

The sun was rising and the stars started to turn sallow.

“Come with us, dear Abigail!” cried the multitude of stars.

“Distance is too great!” she shouted back .

“You have to hurry! The sun is coming.” She looked and saw it coming back.

She went to the mounts edge and looked down and the distance was far.

“Jump, we will catch you” said the stars as they flew away.

She approached the edge of the mount and hesitated.

The stars were going farther she leaped off the edge. The stars would not have waited.

Up she went reaching, but the stars did betray.

She fell down, down still looking at the stars.

They faded away as if mocking her for her incredulity.

She cried out asking for help, but the stars served unfaithfully.

She fell through the trees and on the ground there she laid looking afar.

There were no more stars sailing the sea of black.

Only the great bright sun came and shown its glory.

Shown its glory on little Abigail’s peaceful body.

Betrayed by the glory of the night’s armada, which will again, come back.

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