Saturday, February 27, 2010

Show And Tell- My Friday

We got a 3 day weekend here. I guess they gave a day of rest because everyone here is really tired and coughing. I've still got my cough. Well anyway it was very greatly appreciated.
I spent most of my day working on my English paper, then went off and had a little bit of fun.
Tonight Mike and I are going on a date (oh boy!). We're going to see a Narnian play right after eating pizza for dinner. I'm very excited!
More pictures will be up soon!

We got some yummy coffee drinks for the grind. Mmmmm! So yummy!

We also got to go ice saking. I fell down really hard on my knee once and it's sill kinda swollen.

Mike also taught me how to play Yatzee (Im not sure I spelled that right)

We had gorgeous weather here, even if it was kinda windy. The skies where blue and the sun shinning like no tomorrow.

I took this one this morning. You can't really tell, but I curled my hair and then threw it up into a pony tail with a bow. I won't really have time to "get ready" for our date tonight so I'm hoping that this will last until then.

Anyway, I'm off to start my day with brunch, homework, work, food, play, more work, then sleep!

Bye Bye!

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