Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby shower after miscarriage

Hello Dear Readers,

I am currently enjoying pizza and a movie with my hubby. If you're a follower of my tumblr, then you'll know that I've gone to a baby shower today. Wanna see what I got? Watch this!

Don't feel like watching? That's okay, I'll show you everything I got right here. I'm even sweet enough to give you the links. 

I bought this letter J to hang on the nursery wall. My friend registered for it on Babies R Us.

I picked up this little guy from Carter's Baby. He was a complete hit! My friend's invitation had a yellow elephant stamped on it, so I assumed that she was going for an elephant theme. Thankfully I was right. 

I hit Old Navy the other day and picked up this fleece blanket. It's perfect for a boy and the hearts remind him that Mommy loves you!

Lastly, I picked up this cute baby boy's one-piece. I just love the little monster on the front and I think that my friend did too. 

Stay tuned to see the vlog and baby shower photos.

Night, night!

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