Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Baby Shower

Hello Readers,

I promised that I'd show you some photos from the baby ya go!

Super cute, handmade invitation!

Yummy chocolate covered banana treat. 
(I found the tutorial that she used here, you're welcome)

She had cute little elephant confetti all around the room. I found out where you can buy them...check this out. And this

Her sister made lemon bars. I'm guessing that they really wanted to stick to a yellow theme.Here's a recipe you can try.

Her son's name displayed on a handmade banner.

My friend also made these gorgeous centerpieces. Here's her inspiration.

If you want to steal more of my friend's ideas, you can check out her baby shower pintrest board

Before you click that play button, please be kind.

 I didn't realize until after I got home how TERRIBLE an angle I had on my face. Granted, I was driving so I had more important things to pay attention to. I debated even uploading this video based on how insecure I felt. 

Then I realized that other girls like me are being invited to baby showers and all they can think about is their own loss. I felt like my thoughts would be encouraging to someone and that outweighed my insecurities.

So here you go people, judge me if you want. I'm putting my face and thoughts out there. 

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