Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY: Bulletin Board Border

Hello Readers,

I felt like doing a DIY project today and if you're a teacher then you're in luck!
Today's' project is perfect for any teacher, teaching any age, and any topic!

Teacher's don't get paid much and that's okay. 
(we'll...it's really NOT okay but we don't do it for money)
We do it because we love our students and because we are super passionate about their futures. We also love freebies or anything cheap that can really add to our classroom's pizzazz. 

Teachers, I give you... wrapping paper border!

You'll need:

- wrapping paper (get it on sale!)
- scissors
- a pen
- a laminator (most schools have one)
- a piece of an existing border (you can even borrow one)

So you'll want to get your hands on a piece of existing border. You really don't need much and you can even design your own pattern if you're feeling super.

Grab your wrapping paper and start tracing your pattern.
(tip: buy wrapping paper off season when it's 75 percent off)

By the way, check out this cute Christmas wrapping paper I'm using. It's so terribly charming with the little reindeer out on their holiday shopping, and the little Santa is picking up his Christmas tree. Soooo cute! I love how they drive their little cars around in a winter wonderland.

Cut out your border and laminate.

This is super important. Laminating makes your border really shine and you'll keep it for years! If you're going to go to all the work of cutting that bad boy out, laminate him.

Most school have a laminator, and some office supply stores give teacher discounts. 
Do a little research and when in doubt, pull out the teacher ID. You'll be surprised at how many places give teacher discounts.

After you're done cutting out your beautiful handmade border there are two options left.

One. Leave your border as is and mount it in a flash


Two. You can layer your border. I made this border out of spring themed wrapping paper and added a baby blue ribbon along the edge. The extra step just makes the border pop even more.

I hope that you try this DIY. You'll have something totally unique in your classroom and I would love to post your photos on the blog!

E-mail them to me at brittany_girr@hotmail.com. 

I can't wait to see what you make. 

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