Sunday, October 23, 2011

Perfect Pumpkins

I don't know how you spent your Saturday...but I got to spend mine with this cutey!

It's so nice to have him near by, and he doesn't mind helping me out with homework!
I needed some pumpkin stickers for one of my student teaching classes and Mike must have spent 3 hours driving all over creation trying to find some for me.
Isn't he a sweetie? 

Girls...if meet a great guy, you'll have fun for the rest of your life.
Ok, on with the last Fall Roundup!

"Here's a super simple 20 minute fall craft that you don't even need a sewing machine to make.
These pumpkins are basically a big stuffed yo-yo that I've wrapped some jute around to make
a pumpkin shape and stem."

"I've seen them [pumpkins] made all kinds of way in my short life and figured I would just throw some together.One of my goals was to use up fabric I have because our move made me realize I have way more than I need and I need to utilize what I have whenever I can instead of buying more."

"This might just be the most easy & quick tutorial I've ever done. I got the idea from a fellow MOPS mom (Mothers of PreSchoolers) at the MOPS convention I recently returned from in Dallas. Thanks Kaci!"

"Crochet yourself a pumpkin – the perfect pattern for autumn! With this one basic pattern, you can create a realistic pumpkin for your Fall table, a cute amigurumi-style pumpkin for the kids, or a spooooooooooooooky pumpkin for Halloween."

And I have saved the best tutorial for last...
Get ready for your jaw to drop. 
Mine did!

"A very creative and lovely Mr. Kate reader, Jenny May Meyers tweeted a link to me yesterday for these melted crayon pumpkins! what a perfect combo between the Melted Crayon Art DIY and the No Carve Pumpkin DIY! i love these Jenny, great job!"
- Mr.Kate

I hope that you have enjoyed this mini series.
It felt so good to blog again. 
Did you make any of these crafts? Send me a picture at and we'll do a featured blog post about it!!

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