Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Sweet-Wicked-Awesome Bulletin Board

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

This has been such a hectic couple of weeks for me with midterm exams and projects 
(one of which I will show off in a moment).
But hey, that's what being a senior is all about right? 
I know that I'll be so thrilled to march across the stage and snatch that diploma and never ever ever let go!

So this is my educational/interactive/self-correcting/textured/3D bulletin board!
Wow, that's a lot!

I was soooo happy to finally finish it.

I used a light blue sheet as the background fabric, and some diy skills to turn a few t-shirts into hot air balloons. The original idea was to have crayon boxes as the balloon baskets, but my teachers thought this might be a little too much color and would confuse the students.

The point of the board was to reinforce my fake student's knowledge about colors.
I wanted to see if they knew what would happen when they mixed two different colors together.
Did they know what blue and yellow looked like mixed together?

I'm not sure what my grade is yet. I hope to find out very very soon!
Projects like this just make me more excited to get out there next year and teach.

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