Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ultrasound Surprise and Links for You!

Hello dear readers,

This may be old news to a few, but I simply must make an announcement on all of my media sites. 

I had my first ultrasound last week and was shocked to see the fluttering of TWO heartbeats!

It's pretty much like finding out you're pregnant all over again.
The fact that my body is trying to take care of three people right now is mind blowing. 

Here are some of my first thoughts.

1. I need another crib
2. Is the doctor playing me right now?
3.How am I going to fit two cribs in that room?
4. God, why are you giving me two kids! I'm a first time mom! Let me at least master one kid first!
5. How am I going to tell Mike?

All of these thoughts and more come rushing into my mind simultaneously. I can't tell you how hard I was kicking myself for not having Mike there with me. 

We are so terribly excited and our families and friends are thrilled at out double trouble news. 

You can follow the rest of my pregnancy story through Youtube. I upload a new video every week and try to capture anything important or just plain entertaining. 

I also have a tumblr account,

Just for fun, here's the video still shot from when Mike realized we were having twins!


  1. Congrats guys! Two babies! I can't believe it. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey!

  2. Matzel Tov !! I am very happy for you both! You won't need to buy two cribs for awhile... the twins are used to sleeping close together .They can share a crib until they are bigger :)


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