Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hands On Preschool Pumpkin Activity

Today our preschool class cut into this mini pumpkin. 
I can't tell you how much the children's eyes lit up when I told them that we were actually going to get to see what was inside. 

I got some interesting guesses too...

4. A Bumblebee (?)

So we talked about pumpkins and how they grow on the ground. We even entertained the idea of pumpkins growing on trees! (just for kicks) 
We talked about the shape of the pumpkin and the color.

I had roasted some pumpkin seeds the night before. I wanted my preschoolers to have the chance to taste the pumpkin seeds after our activity. 

Each of the students had the chance to look inside the pumpkin and pull out some seeds. There were lots of giggles, "ewwws!", and smiles.

I left the pumpkin out for the kids to play with. They enjoyed putting it back together like a puzzle, and my classroom smelled like Fall. 

What happened afterwards? I took that baby home and turned it into pumpkin bread.

Yeah baby!

P.S. Here's the recipe I used.

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