Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apple Season : Preschool Crafts

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Mike and I have moved into our new home and I can't wait to share it with you all. Decorating the place is going to take a while. I don't want to decorate too quickly because you just can't rush creativity.

Anyways, it's apple picking season and my preschoolers have been very busy. 

This was a simple apple collage we did on a rainy day. We printed an apple from The and tore up red, green, and brown paper. 
Tearing the paper was a great activity for the kids. They practiced their fine motor skills and social skills by helping me out. 

We also cut some apples in half to see the "start" hidden on the inside. It was fun to explain to the kids that God put that star in there, and he didn't really have to. He just did because he's creative and love beauty.

What else would a creative preschool teacher do with these apple halves, then drop them in paint!

We had some messy hands and one child did trip and fall before he could wash his hands...

I think that every child should have the chance to do these classic fall crafts. They are super inexpensive and so much fun!

Do you remember making either of these crafts as a kid?

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