Saturday, June 15, 2013

Party Balloon Jar DIY

Hello Dear Readers!

It's feeling like summer outside and the family and friend cookouts are about the begin.
There's just something special about kids running around in the grass barefoot and the smell of burgers on the grill. 

Instead of using markers to label names onto those plastic red cups, why not try another classic?
The mason jar party glass!

Mason jars are terribly inexpensive and kinda in style right now. 
All you'll need for this DIY is a jar, a bag of party balloons, and some scissors. 

Pick your color (I like to layers my colors) and snip of the "neck" of the balloon. Then just stretch it over the bottom of your mason jar. 

You've just made a fun, colorful party cup for your next BBQ.

How fun would it be to let your guests make their own cup? They could layers colored balloons to make designs or just leave it simple with one color. 

Enjoy your summer everybody!

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