Saturday, June 8, 2013

Funny Pages Gift Wrap

Hello dear readers,

I've had  gift shopping and crafting on my mind the past week. With Mom's birthday, Father's Day, Mike's Birthday, and our first wedding anniversary right around the corner, I've been rattling my brain for "the" perfect gift. I've been surfing through Pintrest and hunting for bargains at our mall. Thankfully I've found all of my treasures and simply need to wrap up in pretty paper.

This inspired me to share one of my favorite ways to wrap gifts. 

It's rather simple, fun, cute, and super budget friendly!

That's right people! I use the funny pages! A friend of mine "donates" his Sunday paper to me, so this gift wrap is just about free! Since I save ribbons from candles, gift bags, and other odd places, the only cost to me is the tape.

This gift wrap is quirky and unique. I've always gotten compliments on this packaging and am more than happy to share with you all!

What are some creative ways you like to gift wrap?

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